Clinical Consultation

Our comprehensive clinical evaluation involves completion of our sleep assessment questionnaire and a consultation with one of our sleep medicine physicians. The goal is to understand the current sleep difficulties in the broader context of an individual’s medical and social situation.


A diagnostic (Level 1 Polysomnography) sleep study involves spending a night in one of our comfortable, private bedrooms. We employ “state of the art” computerized polysomnographic diagnostic equipment to non-invasively monitor EEG brain waves, oxygen levels, snoring and respiratory effort, EKG, and periodic limb movements. This information is then analyzed by our technologists and provided to our sleep physicians. The physicians interpret the results, make a diagnosis, and establish a treatment plan.


We believe in utilizing and combining a wide variety of treatment modalities. Treatment options, as indicated by the underlying sleep disorder, may include: continuous positive air pressure devices (CPAP), medication (sleeping pills and wake-promoting agents) and/or non-medication therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and educational groups.


We manage the full spectrum of sleep disorders including: