About us


Our Clinics

We offer well-appointed and well staffed, spacious clinics with:

  • Private bedrooms designed for optimal sleep with comfortable beds, soundproof rooms, blackout drapes and/or blinds and ideal room temperature for sleeping
  • Spacious waiting rooms with television on site
  • Washroom facilities for our patients’ use
  • Our technologists and physicians are highly skilled and experienced in the field of sleep disorders medicine
  • Our staff are committed to achieving excellence and providing outstanding care to our patients
  • Easy access to a wide range of the latest therapies through our clinical research studies

The Latest in Technology

MedSleep utilizes the latest in sleep medicine technology including:

  • State of the art computerized polysomnographic diagnostic equipment to non-invasively monitor EEG brain waves, oxygen levels, snoring and respiratory effort, EKG and limb movements
  • Actigraphy as a method to non-invasively monitor rest and activity cycles
  • The newest technology in portable home testing device