About us

Management Team

Kosta Tsambourlianos, MBA, PMP

President & CEO

Kosta Tsambourlianos joined the MedSleep family in October 2010. Having completed his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, he is also a registered Project Management Professional (PMP). His rich background in a wide variety of industries such as Shoppers Drug Mart, IBM and Lafarge brings a unique perspective to the business. In addition, he is a professor in the MBA program at the Schulich School of Business, specializing in Strategic Field Studies and International Business.

James MacFarlane, Ph.D, FAASM

Director of Education and Quality

James MacFarlane is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was granted his doctorate from McMaster University Medical Centre for his work in neuropharmacology and began his sleep medicine career at the Toronto Western Hospital in 1989. He was previously a Research Associate in the Department of Neurology at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and continues as a consultant at the MedSleep Niagara and Toronto area Sleep Clinics. He is currently serving on the Board of the Canadian Sleep Society. He has also been actively involved in establishing sleep medicine standards with both the Canadian Sleep Society and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Dr. MacFarlane has developed innovative sleep educational programs for sleep technologists, medical students and physicians. He also provides public lectures and media appearances to enhance awareness of issues related to sleep and sleep disorders.

Karen Vegnaduzzo, BA (Hons), CCRP

Vice President

A member of the MedSleep family since its founding, she brings over 18 years of operational and clinical research experience in healthcare.  Karen has extensive experience in managing multi-facility operations and specializing in improving quality outcomes, strategic planning, clinical management, and regulatory & ethical compliance.   She is an established leader and strategic thinker who excels in partnering with physicians, senior leaders, and front-line staff to optimize care delivery and accelerate growth. Her focus on helping to build an efficient and effective organization has played a key role in MedSleep’s evolution from a single clinic to a national operation. Karen is responsible for providing overall operational management to MedSleep’s Ontario clinics. In her role, Karen leads, manages and executes all operational and clinical research initiatives in Ontario, in addition to managing various strategic projects.

Olga Iakovenko, BSc (CMMB), PSGT

Managing Director, Western Canada

A member of MedSleep family since 2010, Olga brings eleven years of experience in polysomnography, clinical research, clinical and operational experience in sleep medicine. Olga manages multiple facilities in Alberta and British Columbia. Her focus is on managing and improving quality outcomes, operational efficiencies and strategic planning for future growth.

Michele Morrison, BSc, RRT

Regional Manager, Eastern Canada

Michele joined MedSleep as the Moncton Manager in 2011, and was promoted to Regional Manager in 2013.  Her career has evolved from critical care in a hospital setting to home .care and palliative planning. In addition to being a patient care focused Registered Respiratory Therapist who maintains an active group of patients, she has completed a Bachelors of Science degree. Michele has played a key role in establishing Medsleep as a quality provider of sleep care in the community and helped grow the company footprint in the Maritime provinces.  As an advocate of healthy living through better sleep, she promotes sleep by educating the public as well as various health professionals. She continues to dedicate herself to education and training and takes the energy to make sure that both her local team and RRT’s across the country continue to use the latest and most up to date technology and information in the treatment of sleep disorders, in accordance with AASM And CSS guidelines.

Wanda Howe

Manager Vancouver Island

Wanda joined the MedSleep family in 2018 as manager for Vancouver Island. After relocating from Ontario Wanda brought many years of experience working with Family Health Teams and day to day operations of family medicine. Supporting clinicians and staff while they provide care to the Island’s patients is what Wanda does best and she has been a great addition to our island team and the broader MedSleep family.

Kaitlin LeClair, BHSc, RPSGT


Kaitlin joined MedSleep as a Polysomnographic Technologist in early 2015, shortly after graduating with her Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Biomedical Studies. She had always planned on building a career with the basis of helping people, and through employment with MedSleep, found an organization that she felt was making a real difference in her community. Kaitlin now deals with all aspects of the Prince George clinic, from community education to staff management to the overall patient experience. She has taken on special projects and been highly entrepreneurial to meet the high standards of patient care. She also oversees the Penticton and Edmonton sleep laboratories as the Technical Team Lead.

Jessica Christian, BSc(Nursing), PGDM-Healthcare Management

Operations Manager, GTA

Jessica began her career at MedSleep as an Operations Coordinator in September 2020. She has over 6+ years of experience in both Clinical and Healthcare Management. Jessica is highly proficient in strategic planning, electronic medical records, and managing health services at MedSleep.  Her focus has been on leading her team to achieve their best and finding creative ways to create operational efficiencies.  Jessica plays a key role in ensuring day-to-day operations, ensuring projects meet objectives on time, managing policies, creating reports, and framing Standard Operating Procedures.  Jessica’s focus on the changes in business processes, and systems & technology has been an asset to MedSleep.

Meghan Sherwin

Regional Manager

Meghan has worked in sleep medicine for 20 years. She joined the MedSleep family in 2012. With a background in Behavioural Science, she has moved through various positions within sleep medicine including research assistant, physician extender, and clinical support. Meghan now manages multiple clinics in Eastern Ontario. As the leader of a strong and dedicated team she hopes to continue to provide the community with the incredible service and patient care that MedSleep believes in and stands behind.

Lisa Rawding


Lisa joined the MedSleep family in 2020. She brings us years of experience in project and administrative management within client-focused organizations. With superb analyzing skills, she is self directed and offers innovative solutions to policies, procedures, and potential issues or problems. Part of Lisa’s success has come through managing teams, working with company budgets and business planning. Her commitment to her community through various endeavors brings an authenticity to our client relationships. Her dedication to our team and our patients means your experience with MedSleep will be the best that it can be.