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Get The Sleep You Deserve…

Medsleep is dedicated to providing the highest quality

of patient-centred care. We are a diverse and multidisciplinary

medical team and are proud to offer communities across Canada

our comprehensive sleep diagnostic services and integrated

treatments for sleep disorders.

Services Offered at our
Burnaby, Vancouver location:

Clinical Sleep Consultation

Diagnostic Sleep Testing

Treatment For Sleep Disorders

picture of someone sleeping in a bed

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Clinical Sleep Consultation

Participants complete our sleep assessment questionnaire along with a consultation with one of our sleep medicine physicians. We take a patient-centred approach, examining you as an individual to better understand your current sleep difficulties.

Diagnostic Sleep Testing

Our specialists monitor your behaviour while sleeping to give our experts an accurate and objective measure of how your body functions during sleep. These results provide valuable insights into your sleep patterns and can help uncover any concerns.

Treatment for Sleep Disorders

After your consultation and diagnostics have been completed, our team of interdisciplinary specialists can provide you with a treatment protocol for your sleep disorder or any sleep-related challenges. 

Home Sleep Apnea Testing*

Are you concerned you may have sleep apnea? MedSleep provides our patients with standardized testing to help them receive an official diagnosis. Receive a diagnosis and begin your treatment today!

*In accordance with provincial accreditation guidelines, MedSleep Burnaby requires the use of Provincial Standard Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) Requisition for Home Sleep Apnea Testing