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April 2021 Medsleep Sleepmatters Newsletter released

We’ve released the newest edition of our newsletter with important information! INSIDE THIS ISSUE Management of Anxiety and Insomnia Related to COVID The importance of CPAP compliance for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients A new generation of insomnia medications Sleep Apnea and COVID-19: Reason for Concern Sleep and COVID vaccine response Insomnia may be worsened by

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Brampton Sleep Clinic joins MedSleep National Sleep Clinic Network

TORONTO, Ontario, June 1, 2017 – MedSleep is pleased to announce the addition of the Brampton Sleep Clinic and Brampton Pulmonary Function Testing to its network of health care clinics across Canada. The Brampton Sleep Clinic, established by Dr. Avrum Soicher in 1996, provides high quality clinical consultation and diagnostic services to the community.  MedSleep, founded by Dr. Blackman in

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MedSleep announces Partnership with Biron Sleep

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Biron Sleep Care (Biron), which is the leading provider of Sleep Medicine services in Quebec. Biron operates 33 locations in the province providing clinical consultation, diagnostic testing and therapy for sleep disorders. Biron has an excellent reputation in the community and shares

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Family 411: What to do when babies can’t sleep

The quest for a good night’s sleep is one of the main reasons parents take their children to a pediatrician. But doctors familiar with sleep disorders say the issue is often more about behaviour than it is about medicine. “In my private practice it’s a very common concern, ‘My child doesn’t sleep,’ ” said pediatrician

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Dream Along With Me

This article speaks to dealing with Insomnia and circadian rhythms., Dr. Atul Khullar, Medical Director, Medsleep Alberta, MD MSc FRCPC (Psychiatry) DABPN (Cert. Sleep Medicine) Dr. Khullar is a psychiatrist who specializes in the combined management of sleep, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as sleep apnea in non-traditional populations. The article appeared in Avenue Magazine,

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