Newsworthy advice to help you sleep more soundly

Sleep deprivation is becoming a public issue. Did you know that the average national sleep duration has declined by two hours per night since the sixties? And those of us who aren’t getting enough sleep are also at a much higher risk of developing obesity and type II diabetes.

On Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Global News did a feature on sleep deprivation. MedSleep’s Director of Education, James MacFarlane, shared his sleep expertise with viewers.

The feature began by discussing healthy sleep habits for babies and new parents alike. Dr. MacFarlane stressed the importance of bedtime routines. Whether by reading a short bedtime story or sitting down with a warm glass of milk, routines help us to relax and tell our bodies that it is time to wind down.

Consuming small amounts of certain foods is a helpful part of most bedtime routines. Foods and beverages that are rich in calcium, magnesium, and tryptophan will help you to fall asleep faster. In addition to warm milk, the feature mentioned Greek-style yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese, and walnuts as other sleep-smart suggestions.

So if you do not already have a healthy bedtime routine, this is news to sleep on…