MedSleep’s Dr. Khullar speaks on Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Therapy

Dr. Atul Khullar, Medsleep’s Medical Director for Alberta, speaks to the Edmonton Journal regarding various sleep disorders, the impact it can have on your health and cognitive abilities.

Studies show being sleep deprived for a couple of hours, for a couple of days, can leave you with the same driving reaction time as someone with a blood-alcohol level above .05, notes Edmonton psychiatrist Dr. Atul Khullar, a medical director and sleep medicine specialist

Still, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which treats insomnia by instilling good sleep habits (without or alongside medications) is very, very effective, observes Khullar, and the first step in treating sleep deprivation.

For those with a sleep disorder with underlying issues, getting to the bottom of the problem, is more complicated, says Khullar.

Dr. Atul Khullar, Medical Director, Medsleep Alberta, MD MSc FRCPC (Psychiatry) DABPN (Cert. Sleep Medicine)

Dr. Khullar is a psychiatrist who specializes in the combined management of sleep, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as sleep apnea in non-traditional populations.

The article appeared in Edmonton Journal, May 22, 2012.

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