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MedSleep’s Northern Alberta Sleep Clinic Patient Experience

In this article, the staff of Medsleep’s Edmonton Clinic, the Northern Alberta Sleep Clinic, provides a detailed account of the experience of a patient undergoing an overnight in-lab Polysomnographic Sleep Test.  The staff of NASC, including Dr. Khullar, the Medical Director, and PSG Tech Afua Gyennin speak to the professional and thorough evaluation a patient

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MedSleep’s Dr. Khullar speaks on Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Therapy

Dr. Atul Khullar, Medsleep’s Medical Director for Alberta, speaks to the Edmonton Journal regarding various sleep disorders, the impact it can have on your health and cognitive abilities. Studies show being sleep deprived for a couple of hours, for a couple of days, can leave you with the same driving reaction time as someone with

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MedSleep’s Dr. Khullar speaks to Alberta’s Sleep Care Model

May 22, 2012 Dr. Atul Khullar, Medsleep’s Medical Director for Alberta, provided insight on Alberta’s approach to comprehensive sleep diagnosis and treatment, for Chris Zdeb, from the Edmonton Journal article “Sleep-deprived Albertans have lengthy wait for help”. “About one in five people has a sleep disorder that affects their lives, most commonly obstructive sleep apnea.

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MedSleep’s James MacFarlane contributes expert insights to NOW Magazine

In a recent edition of NOW Magazine, James MacFarlane contributed his expert insights to Elizabeth Bromstein’s article entitled “Catch better zzz’s: Sleep sounder with a digital curfew and a dose of relaxing magnesium”. “Alcohol disturbs sleep more than people imagine. You may fall asleep faster, but you get a rebound effect on the autonomic nervous system

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