Brampton Sleep Clinic joins MedSleep National Sleep Clinic Network

TORONTO, Ontario, June 1, 2017 – MedSleep is pleased to announce the addition of the Brampton Sleep Clinic and Brampton Pulmonary Function Testing to its network of health care clinics across Canada.

The Brampton Sleep Clinic, established by Dr. Avrum Soicher in 1996, provides high quality clinical consultation and diagnostic services to the community.  MedSleep, founded by Dr. Blackman in 2004, focuses on clinical consultation, diagnostic services (sleep testing) and treatment for the full spectrum of sleep disorders.

The initial MedSleep clinic, still called the Toronto Sleep Institute, opened on Eglinton Avenue in Toronto, with the goal of bringing together a multidisciplinary medical team to provide comprehensive diagnosis and integrated treatments for sleep disorders. 

Dr. Avrum Soicher and his entire medical, technical and administrative team are well respected for the high quality services they provide to the community, and their philosophy and commitment to patient care. We welcome them into the MedSleep family and look forward to a long and successful working relationship. 

Kosta Tsambourlianos

President | MedSleep Inc.