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MedSleep's Northern Alberta Sleep Clinic Patient Experience

Jun 07, 2012

In this article, the staff of Medsleep's Edmonton Clinic, the Northern Alberta Sleep Clinic, provides a detailed account of the experience of a patient undergoing an overnight in-lab Polysomnographic Sleep Test.  The staff of NASC, including Dr. Khullar, the Medical Director, and PSG Tech Afua Gyennin speak to the professional and thorough evaluation a patient experiences at NASC.

An analysis of the patient's monitored home sleep found he has mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, the most common or more than 80 sleep disorders. It is characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing lasting from a few seconds to minutes and occurring five to 30 or more times an hour. The patient stopped breathing 21 times per hour. He also has a low normal baseline oxygen level.

Half the people who have sleep apnea don’t know it and don’t have the classic symptoms including snoring, chronic daytime tiredness, and using a lot of caffeine to stay awake, says psychiatrist Dr. Atul Khullar, the clinic’s medical director. “It can present as depression or high blood pressure or diabetes. It can be completely silent until you have a heart attack.

“That’s the interesting thing about sleep, it can be so variable.”

To better understand his sleep disorder, the patient agreed to an overnight sleep test called a polysomnogram in the clinic’s sleep lab. The home study is similar to an ultrasound as a diagnostic tool, Khullar explains, where the overnight test is more like an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), a more exact diagnostic test. He estimates 50-60 per cent of people with sleep disorders can be successfully treated after a home monitoring test.

Dr. Atul Khullar, Medical Director, Medsleep Alberta, MD MSc FRCPC (Psychiatry) DABPN (Cert. Sleep Medicine)

Dr. Khullar is a psychiatrist who specializes in the combined management of sleep, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as sleep apnea in non-traditional populations.

The article appeared in Edmonton Journal, May 29th, 2012.

You can find the complete article at


Actual Comments From Our Patients

Moncton - Jan 2016:

  • I would like to thank you and the team at Moncton Sleep Institute for the superb care and service that you provide.
  • I just wanted to express my appreciation for the fine professional service that I have been granted by your company over the last few years. I started dealing with Laura, then Angela Hoffman, and now yourself.  Each time,  with each individual, and even dealing with your receptionist,  I have been treated with excellent, professional service, and I  don't take these things for granted.  I have, in the past, and will continue to refer people to your organization, in the future, when the opportunity arises.

Vancouver- Jan 2016:

  • Dr. Comey is very dedicated authentically interested and accommodating in difficult circumstance.
  • The woman at reception is outstanding.  She is so kind and understanding.  I wish I had the same experience everywhere I went.
  • The service has been fantastic in every aspect.
Nanaimo- Jan 2016:
  • Lab was very comfortable, and the lab tech was very pleasant and knowledgable.
Toronto - Eglinton- Jan 2016:
  • It ran like a well-oiled machine.
Toronto - Thornhill - Jan 2016:
  • Dr. Kohn saw me in a timely manner for both my consult and follow up appointments.  I was well informed about the process before sleep test and diagnosis in terms I could understand.
Toronto - Etobicoke- Jan 2016:
  • Hibo is absolutely lovely and a pleasure to deal with.
  • Having worked in health regulation with several health colleges, the CPSO being one, I am acutely aware of the fine balance of being professional  yet personable.  Dr. Rittaka is such a physician and he is an asset to your team.
Pembroke - Jan 2016:

  • Well organized, nice setting, comfortable bed.
  • The doctor was an excellent communicator and took time to make sure all my questions were answered.

Halifax - Jan 2016:

  • Dr Marval - Ospino‚Äč has consistently provided me with outstanding care - empathetic, timely, well-reasoned. I appreciate everything he has done for me.
  • Dr. Marval has been integral in my treatment, he is very supportive and understanding of my condition, and is always concerned about my health and well-being.

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